Stream realistic mock data with a click.

Building software that connects to physical devices and data-emitting systems is challenging. Overseed speeds up engineering cycles and enables teams to work in parallel by simulating hardware and APIs. Now anyone can generate realtime mock data that is realistic and configurable.


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Enable parallel work

Reduce dependencies and eliminate blockers between hardware, software and data science teams. Whether it's a third-party integration or your own hardware or firmware team, Overseed lets various teams determine data interfaces quickly and work in parallel.

Run realistic demos

Realistic data helps business users understand features and tell compelling stories. Unfortunately it takes real work to create one-off demo environments that "just work" with legitimate data. Create multiple data streams and let users switch between a variety of scenarios to showcase real situations.

Flesh out edge-cases

Working with synthetic data early in the development process helps teams clarify product requirements and surface edge cases. With Overseed it's easy to collaborate on the attributes and behavior of an API and simulate a variety of UX/UI states.

Define the schema & shape of your data

Specify the attributes, data types, and structure of your data. Overseed has common data types like Credit Card Numbers and IP Addresses. In Addition, Overseed allows the creation of custom attributes to define the values and the distribution of data.

Generate data streams and files with a click

Generators are the engines that power your synthetic data. Simply choose a schema & version or drop in a dataset. Then specify the frequency that records should be created. Overseed automatically stands up an API endpoint and emits data according to your spec. Or you can create a flat file with any number of records.

Collaborate on data models across teams

Versioning and Sharing allow your teams to build together. Update your schemas and manage your synthetic datasets in one place.
Engineers designing and generating data.

Switch to live data when you're ready

Synthetic data powers your proof of concepts and validates your models. Whether it's an AI/ML algorithm, a data system or a mobile app, use synthetic data to cover edge cases, demo the application or add enhancements. When your team is ready promote to production with confidence.
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